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About Me


I’m Tracey Brame.

Raised by doting grandparents I was accepted to every Top Ten University in the United States of America coming out of high school. I chose to be of service by going to the United States Military Academy and courageously studing leadership to give back to my country. Honorably serving as a commissioned officer I experienced success as a business owner coming out the Army.

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Motivational Speaker

Tracey Brame promotes your mission, your values, your causes because she is your speaker, your trainer, your partner.

Her style is that of an educator behind a podium or in a classroom. She subscribes to service asking "How can I make you better for having known me?"

Tracey Brame gives her all!

Tracey electrified a South African audience recently speaking on the importance of making transforming connections. The business owners in the audience loved her.

Passionate speaker.

A polished communicator, Tracey Brame has spoken to the National Association of Women Business Owners in Indianapolis on several occasions.

Women are energized by Tracey's example.

She has risen above many adversities and still pauses to give a hand to others.

Successful Entrepreneur.

Tracey has demonstrated capabilities with a multi billion dollar organization and hospitals in her area. She partners with the most prestigious sources to deliver outstanding value. She believes in the mantra--the more you give the more you receive. Here she is with famed business attorney George Ross from The Apprentice.

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Motivated Educator.

Tracey Brame is a natural educator. She cares that the audience feels energized, safe, and optimistic. She can create take away information for students.

Her style is that of an educator behind a podium or in a classroom.

Tracey Brame looks forward to life and wants others to share in her optimism.

Dutiful and Honorable

Tracey Brame is a resourceful survivor. Most people can relate to her style and passion. She claims no perfection but rather a diligence to live and serve our nation, her clients, and those around her. Her integrity is outstanding as is her commitment to you and your mission.

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